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Third Star Is A Hit Film

“Third Star” is a British film that first premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2010. It was released in the United Kingdom nearly a year later. It follows a group of friends on a trip to the coast one final time. James had just turned 29 and does not expect to see another birthday. He is dying of cancer and suffering from intense pain and weakness. His friends, Davy, Bill, and Miles, hike with him to a favorite beach.

Along the way inner strengths and weaknesses of all members of the band of friends are revealed. (Read the article)

My Favorite Character in Third Star

2010′s “third Star” was an extremely moving movie, an my favorite character was 29 year old James – the main character. Although there were other characters that were just as developed and likeable, James’ attitude and behavior were the things about the movie that I identified most with.

Although dying from cancer, James was adamant about going on a final hiking trip with his best friends, and using it as an opportunity to enjoy life as well as make those around him more aware of themselves and their own lives. Though at first the trip seems like it will (Read the article)

Third Star Is A New Family Favorite

“Third Star” is a movie that centers on the main character, James. James is dying of cancer and has asked three of his best friends to accompany him on a trip to a beach. The trip is a hiking trip, even though James is very ill and must be carried or pulled in a cart. The long hike gives the friends time to reminisce about their pasts together and to talk about the future. James is somewhat bitter because he knows that soon he will die and he will have made nothing of his life.Confused? (Read the article)

Tom Burke Quotes From Third Star

Third Star is a comedy-drama that follows the lives of four friends (James, Davy, Bill, Miles) and the effect of cancer in their lives.
James (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) has been diagnosed with and suffers from cancer. Once an aspiring writer, the pain and disabling effects of this disease has cut his life short. On his twenty ninth birthday, he corrals his friends into taking a trip to his favorite beach; Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast in the U.K.
Davy (played by (Read the article)

Why Tom Burke Shines In Third Star

“Third Star” is the touching story of cancer patient James and his lifelong friends traveling the shores of Barafudle Bay. The British film, first released in 2010, is a dramatic comedy with plot that both moves the audience to tears and makes them laugh with the relatable characters.

Tom Burke shines as an actor in the film. The then 29 year old actor plays Davy, one of James closest friends. While on the ill-advised holiday, he cares (Read the article)