Why Tom Burke Shines In Third Star

"Third Star" is the touching story of cancer patient James and his lifelong friends traveling the shores of Barafudle Bay. The British film, first released in 2010, is a dramatic comedy with plot that both moves the audience to tears and makes them laugh with the relatable characters.

Tom Burke shines as an actor in the film. The then 29 year old actor plays Davy, one of James closest friends. While on the ill-advised holiday, he cares for James as they travel. His character is the responsible type and he feels closer to James as the story progresses.

The character is brought to life by Tom Burke's stunning acting through a very wide range of emotion. For example, he is able to express his frustration when he argues among the group. He is also able to portray his grief in James' condition throughout the movie. His comical lines in the movie are also written in casually, making the character of Davy very realistic throughout the movie. Finally, during the last scene Tom Burke's character Davy moves the audience to tears as he discovers James'' plan to end his life.
The movie "Third Star" is a must-see drama that is full of light comedic moments and realistic characters.

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