Tom Burke Quotes From Third Star

Third Star is a comedy-drama that follows the lives of four friends (James, Davy, Bill, Miles) and the effect of cancer in their lives.
James (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) has been diagnosed with and suffers from cancer. Once an aspiring writer, the pain and disabling effects of this disease has cut his life short. On his twenty ninth birthday, he corrals his friends into taking a trip to his favorite beach; Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast in the U.K.
Davy (played by Tom Burke) has been unemployed and helping James's family care for him.The whole story can be found at Miles has been a long time friend but absent during the illness and is sleeping with James married sister. His father died of cancer.
Bill is a fun, loud, and loyal friend with a horrible relationship who has just found out his lady is pregnant.
The friends believe it is just a hike for a friend's birthday. There are instances of enlightenment at the simple pleasures of life, comedial instances among them as they joke and bond and secrets revealed to all.
But all soon find out James has a hidden agenda, suicide in the waters of his favorite beach. After losing the cart James uses to move and having to carry him; they also get to witness his progression into pain after also losing his pain medicine. After realizing their friends excruciating existence.they swim out with him to help him finally stop suffering.

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