Third Star Is A New Family Favorite

"Third Star" is a movie that centers on the main character, James. James is dying of cancer and has asked three of his best friends to accompany him on a trip to a beach. The trip is a hiking trip, even though James is very ill and must be carried or pulled in a cart. The long hike gives the friends time to reminisce about their pasts together and to talk about the future. James is somewhat bitter because he knows that soon he will die and he will have made nothing of his life.Confused? ''>Here 's a little help . Because of this, James urges his three friends to do better in their own lives. He wants something specific from each of them, but as the honest conversations continue, many secrets come out that no one expected.

"Third Star" is a comedic movie, but it also has a great deal of serious drama. This mix will appeal to the entire family. In addition, the life lessons that James thinks about and attempts to bring to his friends are interesting and entertaining. Because so many different subjects and themes are covered in this film, it will appeal to a broad range of viewers. A family can watch this film together and each take away something different.

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