My Favorite Character in Third Star

2010's "third Star" was an extremely moving movie, an my favorite character was 29 year old James - the main character. Although there were other characters that were just as developed and likeable, James' attitude and behavior were the things about the movie that I identified most with.

Although dying from cancer, James was adamant about going on a final hiking trip with his best friends, and using it as an opportunity to enjoy life as well as make those around him more aware of themselves and their own lives. Though at first the trip seems like it will simply be one misfortune after another, it is actually a very informative experience for all of those involved, and it gives everyone - especially James - the opportunity to be completely honest about their lives. During the trip and despite his suffering, James is able to appreciate the beauty around him, as well as enjoy finally having all of his friends back together for one final time.

The end of the movie highlights what a strong, smart, and capable person James is - and has remained throughout his long sickness. The decisions that he makes regarding his life and the way that he wants to live it give hope to those, and show that with a strong support group, anything is possible.

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